Summer Veggie Grilled Pizza

I love to grill.  I grill all year round (thanks mom!), but I especially like to grill in the summer.  Step outside and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine (although this summer in the Seattle area there hasn’t been much), and a nice glass of wine or of course, a beer!  I have always done your traditional grilled fare- chicken, burgers, steaks, etc.  But recently I have been trying new things that you wouldn’t typically see on your everyday grill.  I’ve also been trying to eat more vegetarian meals, but having steamed or roasted veggies gets old very quickly, so it was time for me to get a bit more creative with how I enjoy those summer vegetables, and viola!  The birth of this yummy summer veggie pizza!

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Roasted Garlic

Roasted garlic has to be one of the better things in life. That fantastic mild garlic flavor that goes down oh so smoothly is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face. Whether used as a spread for fresh warm bread, in a dressing or mashed potatoes, you can’t go wrong! (Although I did once go to a restaurant that had roasted garlic brownies- not great.)

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Triple Berry Crisp

After starting to feel better after having a cold for some time now, I was itching to bake something (who knows why that made me want to bake…). So when we had some friends over and my husband started talking about berry cobbler it got me thinking, and soon a small debate ensued regarding which is better, crisp or cobbler. My personal opinion (one which is shared by my husband) is crisp, so I thought I would poke around online and see if there were any interesting recipes that I could try.

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