Chicken Noodle Soup with Kale

We got our first snow of the year in the Seattle area a few weeks ago.  For all of you who live in places where it actually snows regularly, this might not seem to be something to take note on, but around here, it means that people lose their minds.  Now, this storm was a little different than the average snow that causes people to freeze in fear before even pulling out of their driveways.  In some places we received two feet of snow, and had temperatures that ranged from the low 20’s to the mid 30’s.  This weather would have at least put a kink in a city’s operations that was prepared and equipped for snowy winter weather, but for a place like Seattle, if you didn’t live on a flat, heavily traveled road, you were out of luck (and at times, even that wouldn’t do it).  Lucky for us, we live about a 2 minute drive from a grocery store (all flat too!)- so we were able to get out and stock up before things got really bad.

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