Bread Salad

About two years ago my husband took me to Dahlia Lounge ( for the first time. Dahlia Lounge is one of many restaurants owned by Seattle area celebrity chef Tom Douglas. The first time we saw the place was actually when we were attempting to go to another one of TD’s restaurants, Serious Pie. John loves pizza, so I tried taking him there as a surprise. Unfortunately they don’t take reservations and when we got there, there was a three hour wait. So when trying to figure out a plan B, we passed Dahlia Lounge. Now, the wait there was even longer, but it made its way to our list of places to try.

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Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings

Sunday’s are for football in my house.  The weather cools down, we get cozy, turn on the TV, and unfortunately this year watch our beloved Seahawks get rocked week after week (as I write this the Hawks get walked all over by the Steelers – boo…).  Sunday’s are a much welcomed break from my normally insane work, school, homework and some sleep weeks.  Being a full-time employee, college student and wife can be too much to handle at times.  So Sunday each week is looked forward to with great anticipation and excitement.

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