I’m Back! With Kale Chips…

Kale Chips

So, as I’m sure anyone who ever comes on and pokes around on my blog knows, I have been MIA for a long long while. I completed my undergraduate degree about a year ago, and had lots of grand intentions that I would start blogging like a crazy woman since I was certainly doing more cooking with my additional time. But, as with many things, good intentions don’t always equate to action. Shortly after graduating I was given a promotion at work and took on a large number of additional responsibilities, and then I started graduate school in the Fall. So, these days I’m a pretty busy lady. BUT- I have decided that it is time to prioritize things that I enjoy! It’s just hard to find motivation for creative outlets when you get home after a long day at work, do some reading for school, work on a paper, cook dinner for your family, etc. Sometimes all you want to do is veg out. As time has gone on however, I’m finding that all the vegging I have done just makes me feel lazy, regardless how well-deserved it is. I realized that I am the kind of person who, if I truly want to feel happy and satisfied with my day, week, or month I need to do something that feels productive.

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Pork Shoulder Roast

Well, I don’t know how it’s looking in other places, but here in Seattle it is definitely fall.  The change was very sudden.  Nope, no gradual cool-down here, just one day it was summer and the next it was fall.  The weather went from days in the 70’s (which, I am strongly against calling summer weather, but it’s what we got this year), to the 50’s, the leaves are turning, and the rain is here.  This time of year is when I do my best to get cozy.  This typically means more time spent indoors, kicking the fireplace on from time to time (which the pets love), and making meals that involve the oven or the stove top and longer cook times.

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